Mountain lion chained for 20 years in circus is finally returned to the forest

It feels nice to find captive animals being released into their natural habitat. But, whether you talk about humans or animals, nobody likes to spend their lives in captivity. Recently, a was released from a Peruvian circus.

Mufasa was a who had spent almost 20 precious years in a Peruvian circus. Thankfully, the Peruvian government banned the use of wild animals in circuses. Although many circuses tried to defy the law, it took some time for the authorities to free all the captive wild animals.

Mufasa was the last wild animal to be released from captivity. The ADI, or Animal Defenders International, ensured that Mufasa, the , was safely removed with some help from the Peru police. But, unfortunately, Mufasa was in no condition to roam freely in the wild after spending so long in captivity.

Thus, the ADI decided to release the lion in a specially built enclosure in his natural environment at a sanctuary in the Peruvian forest. Mufasa’s journey from captivity to freedom was a long and stressful one.

The circus always kept Mufasa chained in a truck before being rescued. First, the ADI put the lion in a vast cage and wrapped a large piece of black cloth all over the cage. Later, they picked up the cage on a truck to carry to the sanctuary in the Peruvian forest.

After crossing long dusty roads, followed by mountain trails, the team finally reached a river they had to cross. So the group decided to shift Mufasa to a smaller cage and carry him across the river on a boat. All the while, Mufasa looked around him with curious and frightened eyes.

After reaching the sanctuary, they released the in the specially designed enclosure. At first, the lion was a bit skeptical about the environment he was shifted to by ADI. However, he soon decided to explore a bit to acclimate himself to the enclosure.

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