Loyal Dog Waits With Its Young Owner For Her School Bus Every Day To Make Sure She Is Safe

Cute video of a little white dog escorting its young owner from a bus stop in China have gone viral online, attracting the attention of many who are awestruck by the incredible friendship that has grown between the two.

The loyal dog ‘escorts’ the five-year-old girl to her bus stop every morning to make sure she gets on the vehicle safely. It then returns to the same spot in the afternoon to ‘pick up’ her before walking home with her.

A number of videos that the girl’s mother posted to the Chinese short-video website Douyin show the child’s endearing connection with her loyal animal companion.

In one video, posted on Monday, the dog can be seen excitedly wagging its tail as a yellow school bus approaches its young owner from the corner. After the vehicle stopped, a teacher came down to help the girl get on the bus while the dog walked around the pair happily.

“Although it is just a little dog, [it] can distinguish the sound of a school bus. It does this every morning and afternoon for my daughter,” the mother wrote. She said that the dog had been with her family for around six months.

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