Little Stray Puppy Wags Her Tail At Passers-By In Effort To Find a Forever Home

Little Stray Puppy Wags Her Tail At Passers-By In Effort To Find a Forever Home

Lek is a beautiful and thoughtful pup who lives with her family in Sri Lanka. She likes that her real dad, Tushara, makes sure she’s happy, healthy, and well-balanced.
Her life hasn’t always been this great, though. A few years ago, Lek was living on the streets of Nuwela Eliua. The pup never knew for sure where she would get her next meal.

Still, in spite of all her hard work, Lek was smart and kind. She was dedicated to finding her real family.

A few years ago, a group of elite rescuers were in Sri Lanka’s Nuwela Eliua when they saw a roaming pup. The team was raising money for the Elerhant Nature Park in Thailand and looking for Sri Lanka to do some research on elephants.

Elephant Nature Park is a refuge for abused or otherwise suffering elk. The refuge works hard to save and heal as many elk as possible.

This time, though, it wasn’t an elephant that had to be sonserved. The group was walking down the street when they saw a little stray dog with a tail that she was eager to wag. Trying to stand out from everyone and anyone who walked by. The roaming’s little tail was wagging so hard that the grouse couldn’t help but stroke her and give her a rub.

No one else seemed to understand how she felt. The grour was still in a hurry, so they gave the pup one more rat and started to walk away. But the wandering wouldn’t let them leave her behind.

She started following the rules of Elephant Nature Park, and when they found out she wasn’t ready to stay, they risked her life and took her back to where they’d found her.

But when they started to walk again, the dog started to follow them again. The man took the eager pup back several times, until he realized he didn’t have the heart to leave her alone on the street.

Her enthusiasm and dedication really touched them, and they decided to do everything they could to help her. The boy started to ask people on the street if they could take in and care for the cute little stray dog, but everyone he asked said no.

When they found out that the dog was a woman, nobody was interested in her. Then, however, their good luck changed.

The rumor was that the sweet little girl who had won over everyone’s hearts with her wagging tail and insistent look would finally be adopted.

They gave the pup the name ,,Lek Lek” and left her in Thushara’s care. Lek was happy to finally have a home and a family, and she quickly grew to like her new owner, Thushara.

Her search for a forever home was finally over, and she shouldn’t have been happier. Then, after living happily with Thushara for three years, Lek got a really great visit.

One member of the Elephant rescue team, a woman named Lek, went to see the great dog. She wants to find out exactly how she was doing after all these years. Even though Lek hadn’t seen her in 3 years, she remembered Lek vividly.

Their cute reunion was caught on video, and you can see love and happiness coming from both of them. Lek and Lek are both nice and get along with each other.

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